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Clean Room Labels

What is a cleanroom?


Cleanrooms are sterile rooms that are subject to regular, timely air changes. The more air changes per hour in a cleanroom, the more sterile the room. The air in a cleanroom is always pushing out and not letting air from the outside in. This can happen because the cleanroom is always kept at a positive pressur. Air is pushed out from the ceiling to the floor in most cleanrooms.

What are cleanroom labels?

Cleanroom labels are simply labels that have gone through a special sterilization process to remove extra particles and make them safe for use in cleanrooms. They are particle free and double bagged from the suppliers to help ensure the labels stay clean in transit.

These labels can come either on sheets or on rolls. They can also be preprinted with text or images. There is a large range of sizes the labels can be since each company has unique needs for the labels. Therefore, most cleanroom labels are completely custom.

What are cleanroom labels used for?


In spite of the name, cleanroom labels are not restricted to use solely in cleanrooms. Some construction sites use them to label particle-sensitive rooms during building or repair.

They can also be used for:

  • Testing labs
  • Wafer seals in labs
  • Test tube labels
  • In clean testing tents
  • Packaging particle sensitive electronics
  • Construction labels
  • Hospitals


How do I get cleanroom labels?

As mentioned before, most cleanroom labels are customized for each customer. Once you know what kind of cleanroom labels you need, you can contact us to start working on your custom cleanroom label order.


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