Peel Out!® Shipping Label Sheets

Need a new method to help streamline order fulfillment?

Burris Computer Forms® offers Peel Out!® Shipping Label Sheets.

What do your customers expect from you?

  1. Efficient order handling and low costs
  2. Fast and efficient delivery
  3. Accuracy in order fulfillment

With built-in labels, Peel Out!® Shipping Label Sheets can help you achieve these goals!

“The ship-to address peels off the sheet and goes on the box and the rest of the sheet goes inside for a packing list. It is much easier, less error-prone, and makes for a more professional looking shipment.”

– C. Moore

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What are Peel Out!® Shipping Label Sheets?

  • 24 lb. bond sheets of paper with one or more built-in Peel Out!® Labels
  • Labels have adhesive on the back so you can easily affix them to your package
  • Available in three standard sizes: 8 1/2″ X 11″, 8 1/2″ X 14″, and A4 size sheets
  • Print on a laser or inkjet printer or copier
  • Customize paper and label sizes and positions to match any need
  • Standard stock label formats match many popular shipping application software programs
  • Can add a custom color/text to the front and/or back

How can Peel Out!® Shipping Label Sheets help me speed up my order fulfillment?

  • Pick, pack, and ship all from a single sheet – no more matching up labels with packing slip
  • Print your invoice, pick ticket, and/or packing list right beside your shipping label.
  • Improve customer satisfaction by increasing order accuracy since the ship to information stays together with the packing list all the way until the package is prepared for shipment
  • Printing packing information and shipping label on one sheet, instead of multiple forms, saves labor handling and improves accuracy

 A few examples of our Peel Out!® Shipping Label Sheets:

(To view all layouts, click “View Shipping Labels” button at bottom of this page)

How can I use Peel Out!® Shipping Label Sheets?

  • Amazon® Sellers
  • Bar code labels for tracking
  • Branded packing slip/gift card/offer
  • Customized shipping labels with logo
  • eBay® Sellers
  • Endicia® Users
  • Expedite order fulfillment
  • FedEx® Shippers
  • Inventory management
  • Invoice paper
  • Lab test result labels
  • Multichannel Order Manager® Users
  • Medical testing label
  • Online and offline Omni Channel eCommerce
  • Option to pre-print Terms & Conditions
  • Order fulfillment companies
  • Outgoing and return shipping label on one form
  • Packing slip/pick tickets/invoices with shipping label
  • Parcel “license plates” for order fulfillment tracking
  • PayPal® Users
  • Provide in-box return label for customer
  • QuickBooks® Users
  • Save costs on shipping supplies
  • Ship in-store inventory
  • Ship-from-store and in-store pickup solution
  • Shipping labels for FedEx, USPS, UPS
  • ShipStation® Shippers
  • UPS® Shippers
  • USPS® Click-n-Ship Shippers
  • ZenCart® Users (and International ZenCart® Users)