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This 14” universal form is great for businesses that use different software systems to assist with their shipping. This sheet can be used as an invoice or a packing slip, with a shipping label attached to the form – allowing for just one pass through the printer. This form works with CLICK-N-SHIP®, FEDEX®, UPS®, and USPS®.

Peel Out!® Shipping Label Sheets are products of Burris Computer Forms®.
They are not endorsed by, or affiliated with UPS®, FEDEX, or USPS®.

UPS® is a trademarks of UPS®; FEDEX is a trademark of FEDEX; CLICK-N-SHIP® is a trademark of the US Postal Service.

Size of Sheet: 8 1/2" X 14"

Number of Labels: 1

Label 1 Size: 7 1/2" X 5 1/8"

Distance From Left Edge: 1/2"
Distance From Top Edge: 8 3/8"

One Horizontal perforation
6" From Top

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