Burris Announces New Drug Test Chain of Custody Forms

Burris Computer Forms® has announced the introduction of a stock Chain of Custody form.  The form meets Federal chain of custody drug testing specifications.  The five-part, continuous form includes two specimen labels, numbered and barcoded to match the form itself.  Sets can be printed on pin feed printers and/or be handwritten.

"Chain of Custody" refers to the paper trail showing the collection, custody, control, transfer, analysis, and disposition of physical  evidence.  During  drug testing, chain of custody is the action of documenting that proper protocol of custody and control is followed during the handling  and storage of the specimen.  The document itself the chain of custody form proves that the integrity of the sample was maintained from the moment a donor gives the specimen to the collector, through analysis and reporting of test results, to the final destination of the specimen.  In the event that test results are legally challenged, being able to prove the chain of custody is essential.  Therefore, all drug testing should incorporate a chain of custody form and process to insure proper identification and handling  of the specimen.

The Federal Workplace Drug Testing Program requires the use of a five-part drug test form. This form is able to assist  businesses in the private sector as well, providing assurance and validity of their testing procedures.  Smaller, private businesses can use two, three or four parts of this form,  discarding unnecessary copies while avoiding the higher cost of ordering a customized  form. Large businesses or labs can load the continuous forms and print the information (e.g. lab name and address, etc.) by computer. Small businesses or labs can enter the data by hand.  Burris is offering this form in lots as small as 50 sets, another plus for the  smaller organizations.   

Below is the technical format for their new forms:

·         OMB No. 0930-0158

·         Continuous - 9.5 " x 11" (8.5 " x 11" after detaching)

·         5 Part set

·         Copy 1 Test Facility copy

·         Copy 2 Medical Review Officer copy

·         Copy 3 Collector copy

·         Copy 4 Employer copy

·         Copy 5 Donor copy

·         2 Built-in Specimen Labels on Copy 1

·         Form sets have sequentially-numbered Specimen ID Numbers

·         Each form set has its own Specimen ID Number

·         Same Specimen Number is Bar Coded and Arabic-numbered on each of the two built-in Specimen Labels (A and B)

·         Built-in Specimen Labels (A and B) are to be affixed as specimen bottle seals.

·         Carbonless Transfer:  computer impact printing, and hand-writing, appear on all parts


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Burris still offers customized chain of custody forms, including pre-printing of company logo, name and address, custom ink colors, and other special requirements.  (The minimum quantity for custom orders is 2,500 sets.)

About Burris:
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