Color Label 2UP 4 1/2\" - CD Donut (#4061)
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Laser and Inkjet Compatible

Color Permanent Uncoated Peel Out! CD Donut Label Sheets™ are great for organizing and Labeling CD’s, DVD’s


Just print, peel off the labels and your CD's are ready to be catalogued.

The labels are permanent, uncoated, color sheets.

The labels are available in the colors listed below.

(Colors shown are for illustrative purposes only and may vary on your computer.)

Label Colors

Comparable to Avery® Label # 5824

** Note: The quantities listed are the number of sheets, not the number of labels

Size of Sheet: 8 1/2" X 11"

Number of Labels: 2

Size of All Labels: 4 1/2" Diam.

No Perforations

Distance From Left Edge: 2"

Distance From Top Edge: 1/2"