10 Ways to Use a Blank Bulletin with a Tear Off Stub.

by Chelsea Camper | Last Updated December 30, 2015

Bulletins can be used in a variety of ways; from church bulletins to cafe menus, the options are endless. Most of the time organizational information is printed on the bulletin and they sometimes come with a stub that can be easily torn off from the pamphlet via perforation.

Here’s 10 ways you can use a bulletin with a tear off stub:

  1. Church bulletin. Print your service information onchurch bulletin printed example the pamphlet with a prayer request, response slip, visitor card, etc. on the stub.
  2. Meeting bulletin. If you want a response back from your crowd, print a response form onto the tear off stub with a brief overview of the meeting on the rest of the pamphlet. It can be used for surveys as well!
  3. Library information pamphlet and bookmark. Does your library have an Accelerated Reader or some other reading program to get kids excited about reading? You can a bulletin to give the children and their parents some information about the program with a free bookmark printed on the stub.
  4. Funeral bulletin. You can use the stub as a memorial slip with the deceased image and a short story or message in memory of them.
  5. Non-profit information and donation stub. Present your message to potential donors on the pamphlet with a donation form printed on the stub with easy instructions on how to get the donation to you.
  6. Cafe menu and coupon. Small restaurants can print all of or part of their menu on the pamphlet then offer a take-home coupon to entice customers to return.
  7. Event bulletin. Planning a large event? Include the schedule, a map, and contact information on the pamphlet and ask that people send back the stub printed with RSVP information if they’re planning to attend.
  8. Wedding bulletin. Invite friends and family to your wedding in a big way. Announce the date, time, place, and include an outline of what will go in your wedding. Then ask that the stub is returned with RSVP information on it.
  9. Baby shower. Get ready to welcome your baby into the world! Organize the games and food times on the pamphlet and use the stub in a game of Guess The Baby’s Name.
  10. Concert bulletin. Outline which bands are playing at which times in the pamphlet and let attendees vote for the winner or favorite band.


How do you use bulletins?


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