Burris announces Print-On-Demand Eight-of-a-Kind Color Postcards™

by Andrew | Last Updated July 13, 2017

Be sure to read our Press Release and take a look at our 8UP line and color choices to see if we can help you cut costs and save time on your future postcard orders!


Make sure you keep watching our blog posts throughout8UP web eight up postcards final3 resized 600

this month which will be centered on what you can do with the 8UP postcards and the numerous ways they can save time, cost and hassle. If you have any questions or anything you’d like to see discussed regarding our 8UP Postcards leave us a comment and we’ll make it happen!

From the Press Release:

“The blank postcards are micro-perforated and can be printed in-house with users’ own PC’s, on laser or inkjet printers, or copiers that are able to print 11×17” size paper. The Print-on-Demand 8UP Postcards come eight to a sheet and are available in several colors (Key Lime, Baby Blue, Classy Cream, Wild Canary Yellow and Standard White): https://pcforms.com/eight-of-a-kind-postcards

Printing postcards on 8UP sheets can cut printing costs in half for pay-per-click printing. The result is fewer passes through the printer for the same amount of postcard output. 

Printing in house has many advantages, including fast turnaround time, lower costs and more project control. You print only what you need – “No Wait, No Waste.?” 

For businesses that lease copiers, there is often a “click charge.” With per-click charges, printing the largest possible sheet can result in lower monthly charges. The 8UP postcard sheets yield 8 postcards for each sheet printed, doubling the throughput of the typical 4UP postcard sheet, and speeding the run of the print job. They can halve the time, and sometimes the cost, of the print job.”