Do you have physical inventory tags?

by Raki Wright | Last Updated December 30, 2015

Q:  Do you have physical inventory tags?

A:  We offer 4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″ forms (4 per sheet) in several grades of white and several colors.  One of our customers shared his great experience using them:

“The printing was flawless.  I thought I might have an issue due to the thickness of the stock, but it was perfect.  My only other concern was a bar code I printed on the tag and whether it could be read.  Once again, there were no issues.

The forms were used to create inventory tags for a physical inventory.  Each sheet was used to create two (2) two-part tags.  The tags were separated horizontally to be sorted.  A tag number in the form of a bar code was scanned and then the inventory was scanned for that tag.  After each card was filled in on both sides of the perforation, the perforation allowed us to easily separate the tags.  One remained with the inventory, while the other was sent to tag control for entry. This was a great improvement in our previous process of stapling tags together and then pulling them apart.

I cannot say enough about the service I received in ordering the product and having it delivered on time.  Any delay would have cause a major inconvenience and expense to my organization.”

-A manufacturer

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