Pick. Pack. Ship. What?: The Integrated Label Story

by Andrew | Last Updated July 1, 2016

Why should you print your own shipping label sheets? Why should you change from cutting out the shipping information and taping it to your packages? Change is rarely a fun process often making the correct changes allows for much more success in the long term.

Change is Good

At Burris Computer Forms we are all about providing you with the best long term results both with your employee’s time and your company’s money. There’s nothing wrong with cutting and taping your address labels. It works. It will always work but it also wastes time and paper too. Anything that wastes resources is also wasting money and therefore potential profits.

The term “Pick. Pack. Ship.” comes from the fact that our blank integrated labels integrate all three of those components into one smooth flowing process. If you’re a larger company with pickers who grab the product from the warehouse the label will provide a list of items to be picked. The top half of our labels is perforated and can be removed after picking and packed into the box as the customer’s packing slip. The remaining portion is the shipping label which is an adhesive sticker that can then be peeled off and applied to the box and you’re ready to send it to the customer. This process allows one sheet to be printed with all necessary information and then helps employees much more efficiently pick, pack and ship the order.

There are many variations of this process depending on the company needs and size. Some companies want two labels so they can provide a return label. Some also want a label for a barcode which is scanned though the pick, pack, ship process in larger facilities. There is no fulfillment center too large or small to benefit from a streamlined pick, pack, ship process and we’ll be happy to consult on your specific company and provide samples for testing. Only when you’re saving money are we able to make money. We base our entire business off lowering your expenses and improving your processes and we’re very good at it!

As always, if there are any questions or comments let me know below or shoot me an email! I’d love to hear from you (: