Burris Computer Forms ®, provider of Print-Your-Own(SM) postcards, labels and tags, announces the addition of 6-UP Weather-Resistant / Tear-Resistant Tags to the company’s Blank Printable Tags™ line.

Burris Blank Printable Tags™ are tags that can be printed by a user using one’s own PC and printer. The user can create his/her own tag content and layout using existing software such as Microsoft WORD or Publisher ®, and print immediately using his/her own existing printer. No additional hardware or software is required.
The tags come 6-up or 8-up on blank, printable tag paper that is 8 1/2 x 11″ to fit in all printers, are pre-perforated for easy detachment into individual tags, and have a small hole pre-punched for affixing to products, bags, vehicles, keys or other items. The user can print as many or as few as need, with “No wait. No waste.”(SM) Blank, printable tags provide the additional advantage that they can be used for several different tag applications within an organization. Burris provides free templates for use with Microsoft WORD and Publisher.

The new 6-UP Blank Printable Weather-Resistant / Tear-Resistant Tags™ come on 8 1/2 x 11″ sheets, with six pre-perforated tags per sheet. Each of the six tags are rectangular, 2.83″ x 5.5″, and have a pre-drilled 0.25” hole at the top of the tag. The tags are made from a special weather-resistant and tear-resistant paper for staying power and to withstand rough conditions. The new tags can be printed using laser or inkjet printers or copiers. (The tags can be printed using inkjet printers, but inkjet ink is NOT weather-resistant. Ink toner printed with laser printers IS weather-resistant. Burris recommends using laser printing for outdoor and other moisture-exposure applications.)

The new tags can be used for several different applications such as retail tags, warehouse tags, price tags, inventory tags, warning tags, discount tags, bag tags, inspection tags, auction tags, jewelry tags, shipping tags, key tags, product tags, barcode tags, hazard tags, refrigeration tags, plant tags, chemical tags, nursery tags and ornament tags.