Super Tack Adhesive Labels for Recycled Content Boxes

by Andrew | Last Updated July 19, 2019

We’ve heard the feedback from our customers and worked to manufacture a label that is stronger and specially formed for those boxes where a standard label may not be good enough.  We recommend this new, stronger adhesive making extra sticky labels for anyone using boxes with recycled content, poster tubes or other irregular shaped boxes.

Let’s look at the difference between a recycled box and a new box:

Recycled boxes have more “wash boarding” which can significantly affect adhesive properties. Wash boarding happens when excessive pressure is used to bond a corrugated material to the outer linerboard. As a result the linerboard has more distinctive ripples which create more hills and valleys and less contact area for your shipping labels. That allows less area for the label to attach to but it also increases the stress on the contacted areas so those areas it is attached to will weaken and fail sooner than they would have otherwise. Which explains the need to use extra sticky labels on products made with recycled content.

In this day and age recycling is a necessary part of life to care for our environment. More often using non-recycled content is less and less of an option as suppliers are looking to produce more green products and customers are looking to receive a more environmentally friendly product.

Check out the official press release

All our stock layouts are available with the new Super Tack adhesive.
Give Pat a call (800-982-3676) and arrange for samples to see if they are something your company and customers can benefit from!


This chart displays the difference in the tack of glue between a smooth box and one with more wash boarding to show the drastic difference the two can have and why stronger sticky labels may be in your best interest.  SuperTack resized 600