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Postcards Have Impact. Print Your Own. SM
Blank postcards are an effective, easy and inexpensive way to reach buyers and sellers to:

  • Announce "Just Sold" properties and open houses
  • Introduce yourself to prospects by "farming"
  • Thank clients for their loyalty
  • Facilitate referral business

Gain Time, Control and Cost Savings
By doing real estate postcard marketing in-house
, you can quickly respond to competitive offers and market changes, while saving time and cost.  And, no special equipment is required. You could mail a postcard for less than the cost of a first-class stamp!*

See for Yourself. Request FREE samples.  Download FREE templates.
Join other agents who are customizing real estate postcards and making more sales.

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What Our Customers Say:

"I do a tremendous amount of post card mailing. I am especially pleased with the Postcard stock I have been purchasing from Burris Computer Forms. The quality is excellent and you won't find a fairer price anywhere."

-George Bowers, Coldwell Banker Success Realty, Arizona Real Estate Sales

"It has made my life a ton easier to have the perforated postcards."

-Korin Wickham, Keller Williams Realtor
"You are one of the few companies with blank jumbo postcards that I could find online and you had the best price."

-Ron Hare, Realtor

* Cost of a Four-of-a-Kind™ Postcard Standard White sheet is $0.16 or $0.04 per postcard; Black ink - $0.04 per side x 2 sides = $0.08 per sheet/ 4 postcards per sheet = $0.02 per postcard.  Color ink - $0.15 per side x 2 sides = $0.30 per sheet/ 4 postcards per sheet = $0.075 per postcard. Final cost $0.06-$0.095 per postcard plus labor and postage.  Postcard postage is $0.51 per postcard, for a total of $0.605 per mailed, color postcard vs. $0.66 for a first-class stamp (only).  

By using real estate postcards from Burris Computer Forms you can start your real estate postcard marketing campaign cheaply and effectively.