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They will ship on Wednesday February 20, 2019 if Express shipping is chosen

Our 1099MISC Tax Form sets come in 4 parts:

1099MISC Federal Copy A
1099MISC Receipient Copy B
1099MISC Payer Copy C &
1099MISC Payer State Copy 1


  • Order 1099MISC preprinted sets if your software prints the data only.
  • 1099MISC Sets include all forms required for filing with federal, and state authorities
  • Each 8 1/2" X 11" sheet is perforated according to IRS regulations
  • Three FREE 1096 transmittal forms are included with your order

Order the quantity of 1099MISC sets equal to the number of recipients for which you file

Remember that these 1099MISC forms are for the current tax year only! We do not offer tax forms for previous tax years.


Changes to the 2018 IRS Tax Forms

Result Pages:
1099-MISC Copy A
1099MISC Laser Copy A

This 1099 miscellaneous Laser Copy A is to report any income that’s not included on your other 1099s.…

1099-MISC 4 Part Set Continuous
1099MISC Continuous 4-Part set

This four-part 1099MISC continuous set is perforated according to IRS regulations, and includes all federal and state required forms…

1099-MISC 4 Part Set (Laser)
1099MISC Laser 4-Part Set

This 1099MISC laser set includes four parts and follows regulations of the IRS.…

1099-MISC Envelopes 2UP
1099-MISC Envelopes

These envelopes are compatible with our 1099 miscellaneous laser forms.…

1099R Laser Copy A
1099R Laser Copy A

Our 1099-R Laser Copy A is for recording certain distributions to be mailed to the IRS.…

1096 Laser Transmittals
1096 Laser Transmittals

Use this 1096 to summarize information for the IRS.…

Tax Form Software for Windows
Tax Form Software for Windows

This CD-ROM is compatible with our forms, and contains software for the current tax year.…

4UP Tax Form Software for Windows
4UP Tax Form Software for Windows

On our CD-ROM, we provide current software for our 4UP W-2 and 1099 preprinted continuous and laser forms.…

Result Pages:

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