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Number of tags
(Number of sheets)Lot Price
1500 250 $96.00 
3000 500 $174.00 
6000 1000 $330.00 
15000 2500 $798.00 
21000 3500 $1,092.00 
30000 5000 $1,542.00 
30000 Call us at
or Email Us For Price

Tear resistant

The new tags can be used for several different applications such as retail tags, warehouse tags, price tags, inventory tags, warning tags, discount tags, bag tags, inspection tags, auction tags, jewelry tags, shipping tags, key tags, product tags, barcode tags, hazard tags, refrigeration tags, plant tags, chemical tags, nursery tags and ornament tags.

Item Specs

Tags Per Sheet: 6

Tag Size: 2.83" X 5.5"

Weight: 146 GSM

Thickness: 7 point

Size of Holes: 1/4"

Distance of Hole From Left Edge of Tag: 1 9/32"

Distance of Hole From Top Edge of Tag: 1/2"

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