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large trifold mailer with reply card
TriFold Mailers - Large

Large trifold mailers with detachable reply card allow your customers to send back surveys, orders, etc.…

middleweight trifold mailers
TriFold Mailers - Large (Middleweight)

Middleweight trifold mailers with detachable reply card encourages your customers to send back surveys, orders, etc. The middleweight paper allows for more printers…

small mailer with reply postcard
TriFold Mailers - Small

Small trifold mailers with detachable reply card are a convenient method for two way communication with your customers.…

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Our new Tri-Fold Mailers make brochure printing easy.

Tri-Fold helps communicate with customers:

  • Control brochure design and print mailers in-house - no need to take your project to a print shop
  • Print without addressing and stuffing envelopes - Fast, efficient way to send out a turnaround piece

Tri-Fold mailers help speed response:

Eliminate self-addressed stamped envelopes

Reduce return postage to $0.32 with our Small Trifold Reply Card, compared to the standard rate of $0.45.

Our Tri-Fold Mailers come in large (8 ½" x 11") and small (6" x 11"). Each sheet is scored for easy folding and the reply card is perforated for easy removal. They meet all USPS regulations and work well on laser and inkjet printers. Labels, which are 1" by 5/8", are included for easy sealing and mailing. Brochure template available for FREE download.

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