Burris Computer Forms has added a new Eight-of-a-Kind color postcard sheet to their 11x17” line. This allows customers to print eight postcards at a time rather than the traditional four. This reduces the number of sheets printed by half, speeds the print job throughput, and may lower printing costs as well.

Organizations that lease printers or have service contracts often pay a “click charge.” When per-click charges mean one click per sheet, printing the largest possible sheet can result in lower monthly charges.

Per-click charges are based on how many sheets run through the printer per month. Using 11x17” sheets can help reduce printing costs by increasing yield per sheet. Click charges are generally static and it’s difficult to get the per-click charge changed. It’s much easier to simply change one’s printing habits to keep costs down.

For example; if an organization is currently paying 10 cents per click to print 2000 postcards:

•    8.5x11” sheet yields 4 postcards per sheet = 500 sheets (500 clicks) = $50 in click costs.
•    11x17” sheet yields 8 postcards per sheet = 250 sheets (250 clicks) = $25 in click costs.

Other products in Burris’s current 11x17” lineup include larger versions of label sheets as well as a multi-purpose Bi-Fold sheet.

•    11x17” Label Sheets – More than 300 layouts available ranging from 1 to 200 labels on an 11x17” sheet. Uses include: Pharmacy pill bottle labels, test tube labels, shipping labels, organizational labels, address labels, inventory labels, packing “license-plate” labels, and more.  They are also used to print multiple shipping labels, invoice labels, or packing labels on a single 11x17” shipping label sheet.
•    11x17” Bi-Fold – A large Bi-Fold 11x17” sheet that is scored in the middle for easy folding. Uses include: Restaurant menu, Every Door Direct Mailer (EDDM), event program, presentation folders and more.