Burris Computer Forms announces the addition of Super Tack adhesive labels to its line of Peel Out Shipping Label Sheets™.  

Burris Peel Out Shipping Label Sheets™ are forms that combine a sheet and built-in label(s) to print pick, pack and ship orders. They are used by internet retailers, order fulfillment, mail order and catalog companies to streamline order handling and shipping.

As demand continues to increase for shipping boxes that contain post-consumer recycled content, the manufacturing process used to bond the recycled paper fibers has created a wrinkle, literally, in the market.  Recycled content boxes have more “washboarding” than traditional cardboard, which can significantly affect label adhesion.  Washboarding occurs when pressure is used to bond the corrugated material to the outer linerboard.  As a result, the linerboard has more distinctive ripples and less contact area for shipping label adhesion.  Not only is there less area for adhesion, but also more stress on the contacted areas, sometimes causing the label to fall off the package.  

Burris Computer Forms has revealed a solution, and is now offering Super Tack adhesive labels.  Manufactured specifically for use on recycled content boxes, the Super Tack labels have also proven to work well on irregularly shaped cartons and tubular shipping containers (e.g. poster tubes).  Companies experiencing difficulties with their current shipping labels are encouraged to contact Burris Computer Forms for a sample of their new Super Tack adhesive labels.   

They can also visit the Burris Computer Forms Blog and see a visual representation from studies done on the normal adhesive compared to this new Super Tack adhesive.