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Postcards Have Impact. Print Your Own.SM

Blank postcards are an effective, easy, and inexpensive way to reach and find church members:

  • Announce Vacation Bible School
  • Invite people to special events/services
  • Request help in charitable drives
  • Send as program announcements
  • Use as table place cards
  • Use as meeting reminders
  • Send as save the date cards
  • Send out to welcome new neighbors to the community and invite them to church services
  • Use as pew cards, communication cards, welcome cards, visitor cards and prayer request cards
  • Announce a new church location or service times

Gain Speed, Control and Cost Savings
By printing postcards in-house, you can quickly respond to church needs and special programs, while saving time and cost.  And, no special equipment is required. You can print the cards on your own inkjet or laser printer or copier.   You can also buy, print, and mail a postcard for less than the cost of a first-class stamp!*

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Join other churches that are customizing postcards and door hangers and saving money.

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Blank Greeting CardsTM
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Blank Door HangersTM
Blank Printable BookMarks
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What Our Customers Say:

"We printed all of the Easter Sunday schedules of the churches in our community on your door hangers and had about 75 volunteers from various churches hand them out to every home in our Community of about 2100 people!  It was a wonderful way to remind everyone of Easter!"


Evangelical Free Church of Britt

* Cost of a Four-of-a-Kind™ Postcard Standard White sheet is $0.12 or $0.03 per postcard; Black ink - $0.02 per side x 2 sides = $0.04 per sheet/ 4 postcards per sheet = $0.01 per postcard.  Color ink - $0.10 per side x 2 sides = $0.20 per sheet/ 4 postcards per sheet = $0.05 per postcard. Final cost $0.04-$0.08 per postcard plus labor and postage.  Postcard postage is $0.28 per postcard, for a total of $0.36 per mailed, color postcard vs. $0.44 for a first-class stamp (only).

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Church Cards

Church Announcements and Outreach

Burris Four-of-a-Kind PostcardsTM are a great inexpensive way to announce upcoming church events and programs to church members and the community.  Use them to announce vacation Bible school, or use them to register the children.  Churches can use the postcards to announce services and time or their new location or as reminders for church meetings.  Postcards are the fastest and least expensive way to mail your message.

blank door hangers are great to hang on doors in the community to advertise upcoming events like vacation bible school, special Easter services or any church program.    These hangers are an inexpensive, easy way to keep your church community and neighbors informed of upcoming events and activities.

Burris Blank Printable Tri-Fold Mailers are a great way to inform the community of upcoming church events/missions and request support and feedback with the tear-off return card.  Mailers are a great way to promote church events, since the tear-off card makes a great RSVP card. Your church will know how many people are planning to attend your service or event.

Burris Blank Printable Greeting CardsTM allow churches to create their own special holiday cards and welcome cards for new church or community members.  These cards are a great way to welcome new people to the neighborhood when they move in and invite them to church services.  Greeting cards are great for holidays, invitations, events, announcements, sympathy, well wishing and just keeping in touch in general.
Church Cards

Burris Four-of-a-Kind PostcardsTM can be printed and used as church pew cards, communication cards, welcome cards, visitor cards, prayer request cards, etc.  You can print as many or few of these cards as you need, so you can use the same supply for many different uses without waste.  No need to order more than you need.
Burris TriFold Brochures are great to print and hand out as church bulletins, brochures, event programs and newsletters to keep the congregation informed of church events, schedules and programs.
Burris Blank Printable Greeting CardsTM can be used as church bulletins, event programs and newsletters.  They are also great as "welcome to the neighborhood" cards, sympathy cards, table place cards, meeting reminder cards, save the date cards and holiday cards.
  Bulletin with Detachable Card is great to print and hand out as church bulletins.  Detachable card can be used for visitor cards, comment cards, prayer cards, donation cards, and response cards.
Church Service Drives    

Burris Four-of-a-Kind PostcardsTM are a great, inexpensive way to announce church service drives to church members and the community.  Use them to announce the cause your church is collecting for and let people know how they can contribute and help out.
blank door hangers are great to hang in the community, to advertise church service drives and to let the community know about the worthy cause you are supporting and what they can do to help.

Burris Blank Printable Tri-Fold Mailers are a great way to inform the community of service drives and fund raisers and request support and feedback that they can return to you with the tear-off return card.  Mailers are a great way to let people in your community know what projects and drives are going on and how they can help their neighbors and friends with their support.

Burris Blank Printable Note CardsTM and Greeting CardsTM can be used as church thank you cards, table place cards, and requests to support the current service drive through your church.

Burris Blank Printable InsertsTM can be inserted in an envelope or mailer asking support for your church service/fund raising drive in the form of a returned monetary donation or their help and support of your campaign.

Burris Blank Printable BookMarksTM can be printed and sent home with the children or given out to people showing the church service drive that needs their support and contributions.  The BookMarks also make a nice, inexpensive "thank you" gifts for community members who have helped with or supported your church service drive.





Burris Fundraising Sets provide churches with everything they need to send out fundraising letters.  The blank sheets are prescored for easy folding, and they have a perforation so that your donors can return a stub showing how much money they are contributing to your church fundraiser or service drive.

The #9 envelopes allow your contributors to send their money without having to look for an envelope themselves.  Both of the items fit in our #10 envelopes so you can send everything your donor needs in one package.