10 Ways to Use Every Door Direct Mailers for Local Bakery Marketing

by Chelsea Camper | Last Updated December 18, 2017

Using Every Door Direct Mailers (EDDMs) is a great way for local businesses to advertise on a budget. For this post we’re just going to focus on bakeries.

Below are five marketing targets with two ways to hit those targets with Every Door Direct Mailers listed below them.

  1. Advertise Dealslocal bakery

    • Send student discount EDDMs to neighborhoods surrounding local colleges. Since you can narrow your Every Door Direct Mailer distribution down to the route, you can send your mailers to only routes that are known to house college students.
    • Announce your annual special on Easter muffins. You might run your Easter Muffin special every year, but some people move frequently so you might need to refresh your local market’s memory about the special. If you have a large special you could even send out a bi-fold Every Door Direct Mailer with your entire specials menu on it (postage for the bi-fold EDDM is the same as the rest of the EDDMs, 14.2 cents).
  2. Send Coupons

    • Use Burris’ Every Door Direct Mailer with coupon attached to send 2 for 1 cookie deals. If you run any kind of 2 for 1 deals, you can send out an Every Door Direct Mailer with a coupon attached for your customers to bring in. You can rotate between multiple routes every other week so you’re not flooded with 2 for 1 deals all at once.
    • Start up a monthly loyalty program with the Every Door Direct Mailers. Who says that tear off stub has to be only for coupons? Get creative! Have your customers tear off the stub to use as a loyalty “card.” Example: For every fifth time they come to your store in a month, they get a free cookie!
  3. New Store Openings

    • Announce opening. Open another store in a new section of town? Send out Every Door Direct Mailers to the surrounding neighborhoods to get the word out. You can even tie the mailers in with your website by using QR Codes.
    • Send out VIP coupons to loyal customers to bring friends. If you’re branching out to a new section of town by customer request send those loyal neighborhoods a VIP coupon as long as they bring a friend.
  4. New Tasty Treats

    • Announce limited time seasonal treats. Do you bake special pumpkin bread around Halloween? Cookies with an Easter flare in April? Let your customers know by sending them an Every Door Direct Mailer. If you’re worried about getting flooded, rotate which routes you send them to every week.
    • Announce brand new treat. Did you come up with a whole new cake recipe? Get some hungry mouths in the door. Offer them a coupon or release it slowly to “VIPs” route by route to give it that exclusive sparkle.
  5. Find New Customers

    • Send coupons to neighborhoods you don’t get traffic from. Give a special coupon to the routes that you know you don’t get much business from. See if you can entice them by offering them the first taste of your new recipe.
    • Bring a friend, get a reward. Send an Every Door Direct Mailer to some of your most loyal customers and offer them a reward for bringing someone new to your bakery. Give them a free treat or a great deal and they’ll keep bringing new friends!


How do you market your bakery with Every Door Direct Mailers?


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