3 Printable Key Tag Ideas

On March 29, 2012 at 10:00 am by Chelsea Camper

Being able to print your own key tags opens up a wealth of opportunities and flexible, creative paths. In this article we’ll be going over three different ways you can use printable key tags for your business.

Loyalty Cards.printable key tags

If you do a lot of shopping from a particular store you probably have a loyalty card that gives you rewards for shopping at that store. One great example is Krogers: You can save 10 cents on Kroger gas for every $100 you spend. They keep track of this by issuing cards that the customer must scan when they buy their groceries from Krogers in order to earn money toward their discounted gas.

You can easily print your own barcodes onto blank key tags and then distribute them out to the loyal customers that request them. It’s up to you as to what you offer and how often. Maybe for every five muffins a customer buys they get a free cookie, or for every 2 dozen roses bought, shipping on the third dozen is free. You can make your own barcodes in Microsoft Word and use a free Burris template for Microsoft Word to design your key tags.

Dealership Key Tags

Do you run a car dealership or repair shop? You can print key tags to keep track of which cars belong to which customers or what work has been done on the car. Or if you get a heavy flow of traffic you can attach a barcoded key tag to each set of keys. When the barcode is scanned information as to which car the keys belong to and what work needs to be done on that car is shown.

Dealerships can use the barcoded key tags to keep track of any interest there has been in one of the cars, how much the car cost the dealership to buy, and how much they’re allowed to charge. It can also store information about past owners if it was a used car.

Tickets to ______

Have you ever bought a ticket for a play, concert, or ball game and then promptly lost it? I know I’m guilty of this. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get your ticket in the form of a key tag so you could easily attach it to your key ring and not have to worry about it getting lost in the vast depths of your wallet.

Ticket vendors can print concert, play, or game information on one side of the key tag and a barcode on the other side. When customers come to the gate, they simply pull out their keys and you scan the barcode; it’s that simple. This will also cut back on paper usage since key tags are so much smaller than standard tickets.

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