Business Labels

by Andrew | Last Updated December 30, 2015

Business Labels

Burris Computer Forms was founded in 1992 in Roanoke, Virginia with one idea in mind: to provide quality business labels to companies at a reasonable price.  Since that time Burris has grown and has developed numerous other related products and concepts, but at its core remains the same philosophy: we are dedicated to providing business labels to companies to assist in all the variety of reasons a company may want, need, or require them.

Business Label

No one seems to ever think of the importance that business labels can be.  However, business labels are perhaps one of the simplest, yet most time and money saving investments a business can become involved with.  While it seems to be a product that is rarely considered in today’s business world, business labels have a variety of practical functions designed to save time and money for every business that uses them.

How Our Business Labels Will Help Your Business:


  • Time: On the most basic level, business labels save companies time.  In the most basic sense it is time saved from filling out repeat information needed for nearly every shipped item.  On a more practical level it saves time because it eliminates mistakes created largely from inattention and repetition.
  • Money: Closely associated with time, since conventional wisdom in the business world is that, Time is Money.  However in a more applicable manner, business labels can be preprinted to save printer toner and ink, tape, paper, and more.  Also, business labels ordered en masse are cheaper than producing your own and accruing the cost yourselves.  Either the concept of business labels is completely avoided and extra costs are accrued, or they are implemented and time and money is saved.
  • Effort: Perhaps most importantly, business labels ease work production and save effort.  No longer are employees required to fill out forms by hand.  No longer is time spent in acquiring ink or specialty paper for printers.  No longer is time lost because of being disorganized.  All in all, business labels, while a simple concept impact nearly every aspect of a business and therefore benefit nearly every aspect of a business.


Burris Computer Forms is a subsidiary of Jerry Guzi & Company.