Labels For Your Business

by Andrew | Last Updated December 30, 2015

For many business owners business address labels are a necessity. These could be address labels for your own business or it could be shipping labels you use while shipping products, warranties, newsletters, etc. to customers or clients. One things that many business owners overlook is the time and money that they spend designing, printing, and pasting address labels. At Burris Computer Forms we recommend that businesses use blank business labels. There are three main reason for this.

  • Business owners save money.
  • Business owners save time.
  • Business owners gain control.

How Business Address Labels Save You Time and Money

Money is saved when business owners use a blank shipping label form because you only use what you have to for each project. For example, let’s say that you are sending out a promotion or thank you letter during the holidays and you want to make sure that your business address labels are customized. Instead of having to print out excess labels you can simply print out the exact number of labels needed each time you ship packages and mail. So you will not spend excess money on labels that you will never use and just end up going in the trash bin once the holidays are over. And you can still keep your labels customized for the time of year or event being celebrated.

Time is saved because business processes are eliminated with a blank business label. Normally as a business owner you have a design created and then proofs printed before you use the labels. With a blank label the design has already been created and all you have to do is run the label sheets through the printer. Another benefit that saves you time is you can make real time changes to any label. This is a huge benefit when you are customizing labels for special events and holidays.

The last benefit is that as a business owner you gain more control over the business address labels. You have the ability to do everything in house. You do not have to rely on a third party printing your labels. You will have the freedom to do the whole process from design and proofing to printing the exact number of labels you need.

At Burris Computer Forms you will find blank labels that are white, colored and fluorescent. Whatever you need, white or colored you can customize your blank labels to meet your needs.