Can You Print Your Own FedEx Shipping Label?

On May 18, 2012 at 10:10 am by Chelsea Camper

Short answer: Yes!

It’s not all that hard either. This post will serve as a resource center for anyone who wants to start printing their own FedEx® shipping labels. Below is everything from shipping label supplies to why you shouldn’t print bar codes on colored paper.

These tips can be applied to most major shipping carriers,can i print my own fedex shipping label such as:

  • FedEx®
  • USPS®
  • UPS®
  • DHL®
  • ShipRush®
  • Ebay®
  • PayPal® s

Why can’t I tape over the bar code on my shipping label?

Placing tape over shipping label bar codes can interfere with the bar code’s ability to be scanned. If the tape gets wrinkled over the bar code, that can cause problems when scanning. Even if you get the tape to lay perfectly flat the light reflections off the tap can also make it impossible to be scanned.

Do I have to use white paper for my shipping label?

White paper is the preferred color to use so that you get the greatest amount of contrast between the printed bar code and the paper behind it. The greater the contrast between the bar code and its background, the easier it will be for bar code scanners to read. If necessary, you can get away with using lighter colors like yellow and pink for shipping labels, but it’s still better to use white.

Is it better to use roll labels or sheet labels for shipping labels?

Some think it’s better to use roll labels because they think they’re faster to print out, which may be true for just the shipping label, but roll labels can actually make your order fulfillment time longer. When you fill an order not only are you printing a shipping label, you’re also printing a packing slip and/or invoice. Using sheet labels allows you to collate all of your shipping forms onto one sheet, which is a lot faster than printing out a shipping label from one printer and a packing slip from another printer.

How can I keep track of packages in a multi-part shipping system?

Just add bar codes! If your order fulfillment system requires the package to be tracked through a system of picking and packing before the shipping label is printed you can just use a series of smaller bar codes to help keep everything in order. Doing this can help you decrease the number of shipping errors your company runs into and speed your order fulfillment.


Need shipping label sheets?

We have several layouts that would work with various shipping labels from major carriers.


Examples of Printed Packing Slip/Shipping Label Combinations:

Packing Slip Print from OSCommerce Zen Cart onto 6X4BL ls u printed

Need an eCommerce, Shipping, or Order Fulfillment program?

You can check out our resource page that lists many eCommerce, Order Fulfillment, and Shipping programs for you to choose from.  Check out our eCommerce, Shipping, and Order Fulfillment resource page!


Do you have any other questions about shipping label sheets?


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