How To Mail Merge Four Postcards Onto One Sheet

On August 9, 2012 at 10:10 am by Chelsea Camper

It is generally easier to do a Mail Merge in Microsoft Publisher® than trying to use Microsoft Word® to mail merge. Microsoft Publisher® was created to, well, Publish. It is also created with the purpose of printing one thing to multiple times on the same sheet of paper.

For this post we’re going to be printing addresses onto postcards. We’ll be using the Four-of-a-Kind template, but these steps will work for any kind of mail merge. With the Four-of-a-Kind template, we’re already set up to print four postcards onto one sheet!Mail Merge with Microsoft Publisher

If you’ve been with the blog for a while you may recognize some of these names from the Dr. Edward Awesomesauce Appointment Reminder Card How To.

Click on each image below to enlarge it in a new tab or window.


Step 1: Download The Four-of-a-Kind Postcard Template

First we’ll need to download the Four-of-a-Kind Blank Postcard Template. Use the green Download button on the right of the page to start the download.

MM4K step 1a Download the Microsoft Publisher Template


Step 2: Open Template In Microsoft Publisher®

Open the template in Microsoft Publisher® (some may have opened automatically).

MM4K step 2a Open Four of a Kind Template in Microsoft Publisher



Step 3: Start The Mail Merge

Before starting the Mail Merge, in this step you would also create your postcard design. In order to keep the focus on Mail Merging for this post, we’re going to skip the whole design step and move right on to creating the Mail Merge.

In the Main Menu at the top of the window, go to: Tools > Mailings and Catalogs > Mail Merge

MM4K step 3a In Microsoft Publisher Select Tools Then Mailings and Catalogs Then Mail Merge to start the Mail Merge


A Mail Merge wizard will appear on the left side of your window (unless you have moved your wizard window to another place). This wizard will help guide you through your Mail Merge. The first step is to choose whether you have a list to merge already or if you want to make a new one (or if you want to use your Outlook contacts).

MM4K step 3b Select whether you have a recipient list or not


For this example we already have a list to merge. Here’s what out example list looks like in Excel:

MM4K step 3c Example of how a mail merge spread sheet should look


Pretty simple, huh? After selecting a list option, click the “Next” option at the bottom of the wizard. Now your wizard should be displaying the field names you have available from your list. Notice that the field names are the same as each cell in the first row of our spread sheet.

MM4K step 3d Once connected start inserting your field names into your document


By simply double clicking on one of the field names, Microsoft Publisher® creates a text box for you and inserts the field name into it. Continue to add field names to this text box by double clicking on each. You can add spaces and punctuation between and around the field names.

MM4K step 3e You can insert field names into any text area


To preview what the fields will look like, simply click outside of the text box and the first recipient will be displayed. You can view other recipients by using the navigation in the highlighted area of the image below.




Step 4: Print The Mail Merge

Once you’re satisfied with the field placements, you can either export the document out into a new document or print from the current one. For this example we’re just going to print from the current document.

Either select “Print…” from the top of the wizard or select File > Print (or ctrl + P if you like keyboard shortcuts!). To have four postcards on a sheet make sure you select “Multiple Pages Per Sheet”.

MM4K step 4a Click print and make sure it will be printing on letter paper with multiple pages per sheet


Before you hit that Print button do a Print Preview to make sure you have all your settings right.

MM4K step 4b Do a print preview to make sure the settings are right


Once the Print Preview checks out, you can go ahead and start printing!


Looking for postcard paper with four postcards per sheet?

Postcard Paper with Four Postcards per Sheet


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