Print Your Own Angel Tree Tags & Hangers

by Chelsea Camper | Last Updated July 19, 2019

The holidays are only a few months away; time to get a head start on planning! Is you organization planning to have an Angel Tree set up? You can print your own custom angel tree tags to add your own, original company flare to them.

You can design the tags to fit the theme of your tree or have the children who the angel tree tags are for decorate their own tag. This can help make your Angel Tree one of a kind and something that people will remember.

angel tree tags

There are a couple ways you can print your own Angel Tree tags: You can use door hangers with detachable cards or tags with elastic loops attached to them.

Door Hangers with Detachable Cards

Using door hangers with detachable cards can help in two ways.

1. You don’t need to attach ribbon or a string to attach it to the tree. The door hangers can have the hole that can be punched out (or you can have them pre-punched out). Once the hole is punched out, you can simply slip the door hanger onto the angel tree.

2. When you have the detachable card that can be easily removed from the door hanger, people can detach the card from the hanger and slip it easily into their wallet. Since the card is business card size, it’s a convenient size for people to keep with them. It will also allow the majority of the door hanger to remain on the tree as a decoration or taken with whoever decided to take the card to put on their own tree.


Tags with Elastic Loops

If you have a lot of Angel Tree tags to put on one tree it might be better to use tags with elastic loops for Angel Tree tags. These tags are smaller than most door hangers so you’ll be able to put more on each tree.

Like the door hangers, you can ask that the children decorate their Angel Tree tag or create all of your tags to have a customized theme. The only down side is that you’ll have to attach each elastic loop to its tag where as with the door hangers you can just use the punched out or perforated circle to attach the door hanger to the tree.


No matter what you use for your Angel Tree tags, printing your own with a custom design or colors can really help make your tree stand out and make the Angels feel special.


If you’re interested in learning more about printing your own, check out our Getting Started Guide to help you, well, get started!

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