5 Great Ideas for Custom Bulk Jewelry Tags and Labels

by Chelsea Camper | Last Updated December 30, 2015

Some pieces of jewelry are so small that it’s hard to properly label them for sale without the wording or barcode becoming too hard to read. There are some key components that the jewelry tag or label needs to meet to be useful:

  • Needs to be small so as to not hide the beauty of the jewelry itself
  • Needs to be readable by people and barcode scanners
  • Needs to have room for barcode so that the clerk can quickly and accurately ring up the customers

Great tag and label ideas for jewelry:

Small tags on elastic strings.jewelry barcode tags and labels

This first method is one of the more common ways of labeling jewelry for sale, but it’s still possible to add your own creative flare! By using small blank tags (circular tags or rectangular tags), you can print your own unique design and barcode onto the tags and then hook them onto your jewelry for sale with elastic loops.

By using the elastic loops to attach the tags to the jewelry you ensure that no adhesive gets near the jewelry. Since you can print multiple tags per sheet you can get hundreds (or thousands) of tags printed in a quick and efficient manner.


Small labels on elastic strings.

If tags just aren’t your thing, you can also print all the information out on small labels and then fold the label in half over the elastic string. This still keeps the adhesive away from the jewelry while giving you something a little different. Just like the tags you can print your own custom design onto the labels to make them unique and memorable.

For those who deal with very large bulk amounts of jewelry (and have access to an 11×17″ printer), you can get small jewelry labels on 11×17″ label sheets. With Burris’ 80UP Laser Label Sheets on 11×17″ sheets you get 160 1 3/4″ x 1/2″ labels per sheet.


Labels on jewelry case.

Do you keep your jewelry in small, individual jewelry boxes? Great! Then all you need are the small jewelry labels and you’re set. You can get them in several different colors to match your jewelry cases and draw attention to the important information you’ve printed on them.

If your jewelry case is too small to put the label on the side of it, you can always place the label on the bottom of the case. Just make sure that the adhesive will easily come off of the case if you’re selling the case and piece of jewelry together.


Jewelry inside plastic sleeves with tent card attached to top.

Plastic jewelry sleeves are also a great idea for those who don’t want to get adhesive on the jewelry, but also don’t want to use a bunch of elastic bands. For those who don’t want adhesive any where near the jewelry you can print your custom design and information onto a tent card or note card, then fold and staple the tent card to the top (opening) of the jewelry sleeve so that it stays shut without the use of adhesives.

This is a great option for those who only have a couple hundred pieces of bulk jewelry, but it can be done with larger quantities as well.


Jewelry inside plastic sleeves with label on front.

Similar to the above idea, this one uses the plastic jewelry sleeves as well except this time we focus on using labels!

Using the plastic jewelry sleeves is great for when you don’t want people touching the jewelry without gloves or without your supervision. Some plastic sleeves can be sealed with their own self adhesive or you can seal them with a couple staples or a few drops of glue.

Once your jewelry pieces are safely enclosed in the jewelry sleeves you can add a label with all the information to the front or back of the sleeve. By only having one label on the sleeve you allow people to look inside the clear plastic sleeve and see the jewelry with easy to access information on the reverse side.


What other ways do you have for tagging or labeling your bulk jewelry?


Image: mckaysavage