A low cost, fast way to print and mail a message!

What is Endicia®?

Endicia® is the company that lets you buy postage online and print it using your own PC and printer. With over 25 years of experience in the postal industry, Endicia is the leading Internet Postage service provider in terms of postage volume printed. Endicia lets users print postage with just a computer, printer, and an Internet connection.

Why use Endicia®?

Buy postage online:

  • Fast (no trips to the Post Office)
  • Painless (no waiting in line)
  • Print postage for all single-piece classes available at USPS retail counter
  • No service contract - can cancel at any time

Use Endicia's free program, "DaZzle", and take advantage of:

  • Address verification
  • Address book
  • Pre-designed layouts, or design your own!
  • Printing postage directly on your mail piece.
  • (Optionally, use labels)

Why use Burris Computer Forms® Four-of-a-Kind Postcards™?


  • To Buy
  • To Print
  • To Mail


  • Print four up on each sheet
  • Detach quickly and easily


  • You control your message
  • React quickly with mail messages
    • Customer notices
    • Special offers
    • Member notifications
  • Print a few, or thousands
  • Change your message as needed
  • No purchases of abundant, but stale, pre-printed mail pieces


Why use Burris Four-of-a-Kind Postcards™ and Endicia® together?

Using Burris and Endicia® combined provides the lowest cost, fastest way to print and deliver a message to:

  • Customers
  • Prospects
  • Members
  • Donors

How to use Burris Four-of-a-Kind Postcards™ and Endicia®:

  1. Download one of our free templates for Four-of-a-Kind Postcards™.
  2. Layout your postcard on your PC (or Mac) using Microsoft® Word® or Microsoft® Publisher® and print.
  3. Using Endicia's "DaZzle" program, import your names and addresses from a Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet, tab-delimited file, etc.
  4. Buy your postage online from Endicia® (can be done from within the "DaZzle" program).
  5. Print your names, addresses and postage directly on your postcards.
  6. Detach and mail.

How to learn more and sign up with Endicia®:

Go to Endicia's web site and check out:

  • How To Videos
  • Getting started video
  • 30 day free trial

Find out more about Endicia online postage

Endicia is a registered trademark of Envelope Manager Software.