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Postcards Have Impact, Print Your Own SM

Blank postcards are an effective, easy and inexpensive way to reach clients and investors to:

  • Send out quick reminders
  • Announce new products, special offers, and lower rates
  • Thank customers for their patronage

Gain Time, Control and Cost Savings
By printing postcards in-house, you can quickly respond to competitive offers and market changes, while saving time and cost.  And, no special equipment is required. You could mail a postcard for less than the cost of a first-class stamp!*

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What Our Customers Say:

"The laser postcards we use are great. The uses for them are endless. We use them to generate sewage bills and also to send out notices to the community. They can hold just enough information for whatever your purpose is?"
-Scott Andrejchak, City of Clairton (PA)

* Cost of a Four-of-a-Kind™ Postcard Standard White sheet is $0.16 or $0.04 per postcard; Black ink - $0.04 per side x 2 sides = $0.08 per sheet/ 4 postcards per sheet = $0.02 per postcard.  Color ink - $0.15 per side x 2 sides = $0.30 per sheet/ 4 postcards per sheet = $0.075 per postcard. Final cost $0.06-$0.095 per postcard plus labor and postage.  Postcard postage is $0.51 per postcard, for a total of $0.605 per mailed, color postcard vs. $0.66 for a first-class stamp (only).