Four-of-a-Kind Glossy Postcards (Laser Printers) 2
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Number of postcards
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1000 250 $49.00 
2000 500 $96.00 
4000 1000 $179.00 
10000 2500 $446.00 
20000 5000 $880.00 
40000 10000 $1,732.00 
100000 25000 $4,163.00 
200000 50000 $8,150.00 
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This product is an 8.5” x 11” sheet, divided into four parts, with micro perforation between each postcard. It is available in quantities of 250 sheets. This glossy postcard is great for many different uses. Print photos from your laser printer with ease. Run advertisements with a beautiful finish! The prints on these glossy postcards look very neat and professional. Save costs by printing in-house.

Item Specs

Postcards Per Sheet: 4 (microperfed for easy separation)
Postcard Size: 5.5 X 4.25

Weight: 184 GSM

Thickness: 8 point
Glossy finish one one side, matte finish on the other

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