Four-of-a-Kind Premium Heavy Matte Postcards 2
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1000 250 $53.00 
2000 500 $104.00 
4000 1000 $190.00 
10000 2500 $431.00 
20000 5000 $755.00 
40000 10000 $1,194.00 
100000 25000 $2,934.00 
200000 50000 $5,376.00 
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Order our blank printable postcard stock to begin the money-saving process of printing your own postcards. Get exactly the message you want by printing yourself on our blank postcard paper. These postcards come four per 8.5” x 11” sheet, allowing you to print multiple cards at a time. Each card is divided by micro perforation to ensure an easy separation, providing a clean and professional look for your postcard marketing every time.

Item Specs

Postcards Per Sheet: 4 (microperfed for easy separation)
Postcard Size: 5.5 X 4.25

Weight: 216 GSM

Thickness: 8.9 point

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