Blank templates allow users to create custom membership cards, often utilizing a mail merge letter.

Step 1: Find a membership card template:

Download membership cards 1 per page

Download membership cards 2 per page

Step 2:  Format membership card:

  • Click into the letter portion of the sheet.
  • Format your document, like you would a letter, including company logo, return address, recipient/member address, and include detailed benefits of membership.
  • Click into the image of the membership card.  Right click and choose Add Text.  
  • Use the Mail Merge Wizard, if desired, to have the membership cards filled with data from mail merge.
  • Personalize card as desired with graphics and / or text.  To remove printed border around membership card, select card, right click, choose Format AutoShape, and Change Line Color to No Color. 
  • Go to File, then Print Preview to view before printing.  


 Step 3: Print.