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Using Burris’ Peel Out!® Shipping Labels for PAYPAL® will help streamline your auction orders or any ecommerce orders that use the PAYPAL® shipping center. Use your own home laser or inkjet printer to print out the shipping label sheets; no expensive specialty printers needed. Peel and place the label onto the package--no more taping on shipping labels. Our sheet has a peel off label suitable for EBAY® or PAYPAL®. Shipping labels for PAYPAL® help you process your EBAY® orders faster.

Peel Out! ® Shipping Label Sheets are products of Burris Computer Forms®. They are not endorsed by, or affiliated with EBAY® or PAYPAL®.

EBAY® and PAYPAL® are trademarks of EBAY®

Size of Sheet: 8 1/2" X 11"

Number of Labels: 1

Label 1 Size: 7" X 4 1/4"

Distance From Left Edge: 3/4"
Distance From Top Edge: 5 3/4"

Horizontal Perf at 5" from top of sheet

Measurements are with the label at the bottom of the sheet.

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