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With these Peel Out!® Shipping Label Sheets, print your barcode label and packing slip all on one sheet. These are great for online or offline omnichannel eCommerce, helping you expedite your shipping process;

Works with 4PSite®, UPS®, FEDEX®, Atandra T-Hub™, TRUESHIP® (now READYCLOUD) and READYSHIPPER™ versions prior to 7.2.0.

Also works with the Rakutan Shipping module in READYSHIPPER 7.3 and above

Peel Out!® Shipping Label Sheets are products of Burris Computer Forms®.
They are not endorsed by, or affiliated with UPS®, FEDEX, TRUESHIP or READYSHIPPER.
UPS® is a trademark of UPS®; FEDEX® is a trademark of FEDEX®; TRUESHIP and READYSHIPPER are trademarks of TRUESHIP; T-Hub is a trademark of Atandra.

Size of Sheet: 8 1/2" X 11"

Number of Labels: 1

Label 1 Size: 6" X 4"

Distance From Left Edge: 2 3/8"
Distance From Top Edge: 6 3/4"

Horizontal Perforation 6 3/8" From Top

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