What are double postcards?

A folded postcard mailer that is folded in half and sealed at one edge with a sealing sticker. 

Why should I use folded postcards?

Print your message on one half of the folded postcard and include a reply space on the other half.  This type of mailer requires only a postcard stamp.  Can use business reply format to pay postage on return.  Eliminates envelopes.  Or, use the space on both postcards to print your message.  This type of mailer requires first class stamp. They meet all USPS regulations and work well on laser and inkjet printers. Labels, which are 1" by 5/8", are included for easy sealing and mailing. Template available for FREE download.

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double postcards
Double Postcards - Standard White

Double Postcards - Standard White | Folded Postcards…

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