1. Create your own message 

Download FREE Templates for Microsoft Word and Publisher
Create your postcard layout

2. Print In-House

Print quickly and efficiently (Postcards 4-per-page means it doesn't take long to print as many as you need)
No minimum print fees (printing services)

3. Mail

Stamp and mail
Change your message as often or as quickly as you like
Control your response and traffic by sending as many or as few as you like
Optionally, utilize bulk mail postage pricing

4. Order more postcards

Go online or call our office to order more of our low-priced, high-quality blank postcards
No need to drive out to printers or office supply stores - we'll deliver to your office

5. Advantages  

Printing your own is inexpensive
Eliminate buying, storing, or printing envelopes
Stop folding, stuffing, sealing. Saves labor time and money.
Mailing postcard rate instead of envelope rate saves 35% on postage expense 
Use your own computers and printers (No Special Equipment Needed - works in nearly all Inkjet and Laser printers and copiers )

Find out which papers your printer will handle by using our find your paper tool