About the program:

Join the Burris Computer Forms Sales Representative Program today and earn commissions on qualified sales! Your involvement in the Program allows you to provide a large selection of items to provide for your customers and more profits for you.

Product Selection:

Burris Computer Forms is a leading manufacturer of over 50 styles and colors of pre-perforated and pre-scored paper forms.  We offer a comprehensive selection of post cards, note cards, door hangers, utility billing post cards, brochures, tri-fold mailers, envelopes, etc. Burris Computer Forms has it all at competitive low prices.  Our Satisfaction Guarantee provides your customers added assurance when making their purchases.


Burris Computer Forms pays 20% commissions.  You’ll earn commissions every time you place a qualified order.

Joining the program:

Burris Computer Forms has made it fast and easy for you to apply to our Sales Representative Program.  Just review the Sales Rep Agreement.   Then print out the agreement and fax a signed copy to us along with your Sales Representative Contact Information

You will receive notice if your application has been approved within 7 business days.  All Sales Rep Agreements and Contact Information forms must be completed in full and signed off on.  If the information is not accurate, consistent, or complete ---including contact information ---we will be unable to approve the application.


Questions that other have asked about the Burris Computer Forms Sales Representative Program:

Q. How do you track sales?

A. We set up our independent Sales Reps in our accounting system, and record the sales for each  Representative.  We print out and provide a sales report showing the sales for each Sales Representative  each month.

Q. How long does it take for a sale to be recorded?

A. We enter orders, payments and invoices daily.  Sales reports and commissions are provided monthly.

Q. How many of Burris Computer Forms products can I sell?

A. Sales Reps may sell any of our Four-of-a-Kind Postcards™, Jumbo Postcards, Print-on-Demand  
 Note cards, HalfFold cards, Tent cards, TriFold Mailers, Cut Postcards, Cut Note cards, Utility billing  postcards, blank Invitations, Photo cards, QSL cards, Reminder cards, Greeting cards, Recall  Notices, Event Notices,  Survey Forms, Church Welcome cards, Coupon Special cards, Raffle Tickets,    Way Bills, Warranty cards, University Exam cards, RSVP cards, Flash cards, All Occasion cards, etc.

Q. When and how do I get paid?

A. Commissions are paid monthly on the 5th of the month following the previous month of sales.  Checks  will be sent out on the 5th of each month.

Q. Will I get paid on every sale ?

A. Sales Reps will be paid on new customer product sales and repeat customer product sales during a  calendar month.  Monthly sales will be calculated exclusive of transportation, packaging costs,  insurance, and taxes.  Sales Reps will not be paid commission on Dealer / Distributor accounts,  cancellations, returns or fraudulent orders.   

Q. Can I include mention of my affiliation with Burris Computer Forms in any promotional literature?

A. Before including mention of Burris Computer Forms in any promotional literature, provide a draft at  least (5) business days before its use.  We will then notify you in writing whether or not your request has  been approved.  Until approval has been granted, you are not permitted to use our name, logos, etc. in  any offline marketing literature or solo e-mail campaigns, except as outlined in the Sales Representative  Agreement.