A chain of custody form is a multi-part document used to provide evidence of proper specimen handling during the drug testing process.  Originally required only by the federal government, the Federal Workplace Drug Testing Program is now commonplace in the private sector as well.  Every treatment center, counseling service, and medical facility that performs a specimen collection should initiate a chain of custody form for each individual sample.

Our multi-part form provides unique specimen identification that is used to document the proper handling from point of collection to reporting of lab results.  In the event that lab results are challenged, a chain of custody form can prove the specimen was handled according to the federally mandated chain of custody and control procedures.  Each of our forms includes two specimen labels, numbered and barcoded to match the form itself.  These labels provide secure identification of the specimen, a tamper-resistant seal for the container, and insure that specimen results are traced back to the appropriate donor.


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