5 Advantages of Postcards Marketing

by Raki Wright | Last Updated June 27, 2017

1. Postcards are the lowest cost item to print and to mail. Postcards can cost as little as 1 to 5 cents each to print* and are 14 cents cheaper to mail than letters. You don’t need expensive equipment to print your postcards. An ordinary laser or inkjet printer will serve your needs. Postcards don’t require an envelope, or additional folding, stuffing, or sealing. Just print, stamp and mail!

2. Postcards can serve as a coupon or a marketing tracking device. Track your campaign by requiring customers to bring in the postcard coupon or enter an online coupdirect mail postcardon code. Postcards can extend your advertising budget by being both a mailer and a coupon, allowing you to measure the effectiveness of each marketing campaign.

3. Postcards are the smallest piece of mail, often placed on the top of the mail stack. At a standard size of just 4.25 in. x 5.5 in., the postal carrier will most likely place postcards at the top of the stack to avoid it being lost. Using colored postcards will allow your message to stand out even more. Put information on both sides of the postcard to maximize exposure.

4. Postcards are more likely to be read than other types of mail or advertising media. Postcards are quick reads. The average person will read a postcard even when they?ll throw other types of direct mail advertising away. Printed photos or colored postcards really grab attention.

5. Blank Postcards can be printed in any quantity desired (no waste!). Order in bulk to take advantage of quantity discounts, but only print as many as you need. Save the rest for your next mailing. If you need more, then print more. If you need to make a change to your ad copy, then you won?t have any unused printed postcards lying around. If your sheet yields four postcards, then there is no wasted paper.

*Black ink ? $0.02 per side x 2 sides = $0.04 per sheet/ 4 postcards per sheet = $0.01 per postcard. Color ink –  $0.10 per side x 2 sides = $0.20 per sheet/4 postcards per sheet = $0.05 per postcard.