One of the most efficient, cost-effective marketing tools for your business today is the simple postcard.  Marketing with postcards can greatly improve your bottom line by using some (or all) of the following strategies:

If your customers have been with you for several years, but you haven't made a sale to them recently, send them a direct mail postcard celebrating their "anniversary" with your company. This could be a free offer to come back or letting them know about your new products and services.
  Grand Openings:
Target your local customers with a grand opening mailing. Postcard marketing can let your town know that you are open for business.
Let your customer know about your new products, services, or other news about your company.
Use a postcard to invite customers to your organization's special event, or to a party. Good for museums, arts orgranizations, or for anyone extending invitations.
Ask for me:
Put your photo on a postcard and when your customer comes in to buy, they will already know you. This is especially good for real estate agents.
  Lead Generator:
Bring in prospects for new homes, loans, or other BIG ticket purchases with postcards.
Send a birthday greeting, or a coupon to be used as a discount or gift when brought in on their birthday. Also, reminders to promote birthday facilities for birthday parties.
  Mini- Newsletter:
Can't fit an entire newsletter on a postcard? You'd be surprised how much you can get on a postcard as a mini-newsletter - and postcards always get read!
Bring a friend:
Bring a friend promotions work well for open houses of salons, fitness centers, fraternities/sororities.
  Product Launch:
Postcard marketing can let your customers know about your new product with a postcard, or better yet, send a postcard with a tear-off stub, and your customers (or prospects) can return the stub for more information.
Catalog requests:
Instead of sending out catalogs to a large list, send a postcard with a tear-off stub, and your customer can return the stub for a catalog.
Customers like to know that their opinion matters to the people they do business with. Sending out postcards to get feedback shows that you want to meet their needs. They can either go to your website or using the postcard with a tear-off stub, they can fill out the survey and send it back to you.
Coupon Offers:
Another use for a postcard with a tear-off stub is a coupon that your customer can bring in for a discount on their purchase or other offers.
  Thank You:
Customers also like to feel appreciated for doing business with a company. Following up orders with a "Thank You" postcard could encourage referrals.
Drive traffic to your website by putting the address on your postcards. Also, let the customers know the benefits of using your site, whether it's an excellent support/service section, or maybe "web only" specials that your company runs.

These are just a few ways that postcard marketing can help your business grow.
Get started on your postcard marketing campaign today!