Burris Announces Completely Custom Pharmacy Label Sheets

by Chelsea Camper | Last Updated November 22, 2017

Burris Computer Forms announces the ability to order custom pharmacy label sheets.

A custom pharmacy label sheet design can be created and sent to Burris Computer Forms for production. These custom label sheets can have:

  • Multiple labels in multiple sizes: There can Burris Computer Forms Pharmacy Label Sheetbe as many or as few labels as needed. These labels can all be different sizes
  • Colored labels: A color can be added to some of the labels to make them stand out against the rest when affixed to the prescription bottle, customer file, patient chart, etc.
  • Perforations: Perforations can be added to remove the label section of the form or detach a slip to be returned to the patient
  • Pre-Printing: The forms can be pre-printed with the pharmacy’s company name, logo, colors, etc.
  • Different Sheet Size: The pharmacy label sheets can be ordered on a variety of paper sizes. This includes, legal, letter, tabloid, A2, A3, A4, A5, etc.

Once a custom pharmacy label sheet is designed, simply contact Burris to get started on getting the custom label sheet built.

Using a label sheet with various pharmacy forms printed on the same sheet saves paper. It also saves time by only having to print out one sheet as opposed to multiple sheets. Having all the information on a single sheet can also make filing easier since there is only one sheet to file instead of multiple sheets.


Learn more about the Pharmacy Label Sheet by contacting us!