Return Labels Can Help Take Your Customer Service To the Next Level

by Chelsea Camper | Last Updated December 30, 2015

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just free shipping that attracts customers to your online store. A recent study by comScore (commissioned by UPS) Online Shopping Customer Experience Study, 63% of customers look for the company’s policy on returns before making a purchase. Tweet It!

62% of online shoppers who do make returns prefer that the return label is included in the original box or have access to an easy-to-print label. Tweet It!

easy return shipping label for customers

Why Should I Make Returns


Simply put: Easier returns means happier customers and more returning customers. When you make a good effort to make sure your customers get exactly what they want, any time, even if it means sending them a free return label, they’re more likely to come back to you and to refer you to other potential customers.

You can also add an area on the packing slip or return information where you ask the customer about their reason for returning the item (wrong size, wrong color, broken, changed their mind, etc.). This can help you better understand what your customers are looking for in your products.


How Can I Include a Return Label and Return Instructions on the Same Sheet?

You can use a sheet of paper perforated in the middle with a return label that peels out on one half and return instructions on the other half. Having the return label and return instructions perforated makes it easier for the customer to tear the return label half apart and place label on box while still having the instructions on hand.

If you have smaller packages that don’t require a whole return label from a major carrier, you can use a packing slip with adhesive return labels that include your store address on them. By including this in the original box sent to the customer (with return instructions included) you make it easier for the customer to return items.


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