A program called EDDM is offered through the USPS where you can have your business advertisement sent to every postal customer within and/or around a designated area that you select. By using this Every Door Direct Mail program, you can reach an entire neighborhood, zip code, city, or region.

There are several different sizes of EDDM mailers including 6 x 11”, 8 ½ x 11”, and 11 x 17” half-folds (when folded, they are the size of a standard 8x11” piece of paper). The size of the mailers will grab people’s attention instantly, especially if it is in color. It also provides plenty of room on both sides for your brand-building message.

They are ideal for:

  • Making special offers
  • Announcing local events
  • Delivering coupons
  • Delivering menus
  • Offering deals

They are Easy to Create and Send:

  • There are no mailing lists to buy.
  • You don’t even need a mailing address; you simply include the words "Postal Customer" on your mailer.
  • No mail merge.
  • No name and address printing.
  • No postage permit.
  • No trip to business mail entry unit.
  • Just drop off your mailers at your Post Office.
  • EDDM is addressed and mailed by the Post Office.

Let the USPS do the work for you!

Cost effective!

  • Cheaper and more efficient than ever. It only costs 19.1 cents per postcard; a large postcard at that.
  • That’s a 64% savings on postage compared to First Class mail.

Cardstock Mailer Sizes:


  • 6 x 11”
  • 8.5 x 11”
  • 11 x 17” (must be folded)

USPS rules:
Here are some details about the USPS Retail mailing program:

  • While you don’t need a bulk mailing permit, you must have a USPS business Customer Registration Identification (CRID)
  • The EDDM mailing only applies to standard mail flats
  • No mail piece can exceed 3.3oz
  • Every piece of mail must display the special indicia or permit imprint
  • The minimum submission for EDDM is 200 pieces, however you may not exceed 5,000 pieces per day
  • You must provide the PS Form 3587-1 with each mailing
  • You must pay for postage in full

See Sample of EDDM Facing Slip and Other Required Documents

For more details and coverage estimates:

USPS EDDM Quick Reference Guide


(PDF) http://www.uspseverydoor.com/assets/media/pdf/EDDM_Overview_HowTo_Guide.pdf

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