Are you looking for blank, printable valet parking tickets? You can design your own unique valet tickets using our blank forms.


Who uses valet parking tickets?

Many businesses use our hangers for valet tickets and claim tickets. Businesses include entertainment expos, hospitals, hotels, nightclubs, restaurants, schools, and trade shows.

How do people use valet tickets?

Valet parking tickets enable attendants to keep track of client vehicles. Numbered valet tickets allow attendants to differentiate each vehicle. Attendants can also provide claim checks from the valet tickets to clients for a smooth vehicle retrieval.



Printable valet parking tickets, blank valet tickets

About Burris Print-Your-Own Valet Parking Tickets

Burris print-your-own valet tickets allow for an easy process from start to finish. Begin by downloading a free template to create your unique valet tickets. Once designed, print as many or few valet tickets as you need at a time. Then, simply separate each ticket, punch out the rear view mirror hole, and hang the ticket in a client's vehicle. Lastly, detach the card and hand to the client to ensure an easy and safe vehicle retrieval.
Burris valet tickets are available three-per-page, each ticket separated by a micro-perforation. Tickets are available in a variety of colors. They are also available with a detachable card to use as a valet claim ticket.