Print Your Own Custom Costume Price Tags

by Chelsea Camper | Last Updated December 30, 2015

Stay in control of your price and costume price tags by printing your own. You can add all of the information you need and none of the information that you don’t. Print out as many as you need; no minimum print job.

Here are some advantages of printing your own costume price tags.


Change the Designs Based on Seasonprint your own costume price tags

You wouldn’t want to be featuring a little pumpkin on your price tags in April; youd want to be showing a small bunny or Easter eggs. By printing your own costume price tags you’re able to change up the designs with each season without having to deal with designer fees or proofs from the print shop.


Stay in Control of the Design

When you print your own, you stay in control of the print job. There’s no need to get price quotes, follow specific PDF rules that you’ve never heard of, or be in the dark about how far along your print job is.

You know how far along the job is. You know when it needs to be done by. You know how much it will cost. You created the file and know that your printer can handle it.

You are in control.


Use Your Own Personal Barcoding System

Does your costume store use a unique barcoding system? It can be a lot easier to just print your own price tags than try to explain how it works to a print shop.

It’s not hard to print your own barcode labels or barcode tags. In fact, you can create 131,621,703,842,267,136 (that’s 131.6 Quadrillion) different barcodes using just Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and an 11 digit barcode starting with A0000000000. No more buying expensive barcoding software!


Print as Many as You Need When You Need Them

If your business is slow during the first half of the year but picks up quite a bit after June, you’re going to want to be able to control how many tags get printed and when. Buying blank price tags in bulk will allow you to print what you need when you need it. Didn’t print enough Halloween price tags? Print out a couple hundred more. Business going slow in April? Print out a minimum amount and print out more only when you need to.



What other benefits do you know of for printing your own costume price tags?


Image: Alaskan Dude