How to Mail Merge with Microsoft Word 2016

by Chelsea | Last Updated January 3, 2020

Mail Merge is a great time saver if you need to create documents that are mostly the same but unique in some way. For example, name tags for an event or envelopes with each person’s name and address.

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Designing and printing address labels 101:

by Chelsea | Last Updated March 29, 2019

Whether you’re printing an entire sheet or a single label, using a template helps simplify the job as well as quickly produce results. Some versions of Microsoft Word® 2007 and 2010 do offer built-in templates, but using these require step by step instructions for correct measurements. They also have various print options that many may find time-consuming.

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How to design and print your own tags.

by Chelsea | Last Updated March 25, 2019

Printing your own tags give you the ability to create and modify without having those hefty prices that come with special ordering. When it comes to inventory, retail products, and identification tags, these are often the first thing that catches your customer’s eye. Whether it be to price check or see the products name/company, the key is to keep it simple yet effective.

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Customer Focus: KCCDD uses Note Cards in Art Expression

by Amy | Last Updated January 12, 2017
KCCDD printed cards 3

Knowledge, Creativity, Caring, Development, Dedication (KCCDD) has been a long-time customer of Burris Computer Forms®. KCCDD customizes blank printable note cards with unique images. The following is about KCCDD’s clients and experience printing note cards in-house. Read More…

5 Ways to Save Money and Time with 8UP Postcards [Infographic]

by Chelsea Camper | Last Updated May 7, 2013

We’ve talked about 8UP Postcards so far this month through blog posts, social media, and Press Releases; now it’s time for an infographic! Read More…

What Are LTL and FTL & When To Use Them.

by Chelsea Camper | Last Updated September 13, 2012

LTL and FTL are abbreviations for Less than Truckload and Full Truckload, respectively. When you’re doing large shipments that weigh over 150 pounds you need to start using your larger shipping options.

The abbreviations are made up of the first letter of the first word (L for Less or F for Full) and the letters “TL” which stand for “Truckload”.

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Is Your Order Fulfillment Process a Cat?

by Chelsea Camper | Last Updated September 7, 2012

It is said that dogs have masters and cats have slaves; dogs work hard for their owners while cat owners work hard for the cats. This same idea can be geared toward your order fulfillment process. Is your order fulfillment process working to help make your life easier or are you working harder to keep your order fulfillment process working than it’s working for you?

Order fulfillment starts from the time the customer places their order to the time they receive the order. It encompasses every step from creating the packing list to putting the shipping label on the packing list. Below you’ll find a series of ten questions and explanations to help you determine if your order fulfillment process is a cat. At the end use the number of Cat Points you rack up to find out if your fulfillment process is a cat or a dog (or a cat-dog!).

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Shipping Labels for Multiple Package Shipment

by Chelsea Camper | Last Updated September 5, 2012

There will be times where an entire customer order will not fit in a single package; either because they have ordered so many things (yay!) or the items they ordered are too large to fit in a single package. When this happens you’ll need to send out their order in multiple packages. Read More…

Weekly Round-Up: Tabloid Paper, LPN Barcodes, & More!

by Chelsea Camper | Last Updated August 10, 2012

Here’s a round-up of some popular posts and interesting articles we talked about this week (plus a sneak peek of what’s coming up next week!) in a brief, easy to digest post. Read More…

Non-Profit Direct Mail: Non-Profit or EDDM Postage More Affordable?

by Chelsea Camper | Last Updated August 8, 2012

When you’re running a non-profit business one of your biggest concerns is expense. You need more donations, but how much can you spend on a direct mail piece that won’t break your budget? Should you use Non-Profit postage prices or are the new Every Door Direct Mail® postage prices better? Read More…