Postcard Marketing for Financial Service Companies

by Raki Wright | Last Updated July 31, 2007

Here’s a great article on using postcards in marketing a financial service company that will save you money:

How We Saved At Least 15% on Postage: Part 1

by Raki Wright | Last Updated July 27, 2007

Businesses and Non-Profit organizations can save a significant amount of money on postage by utilizing the United States Postal Service’s Business Mail or Bulk Mail program. This program offers discounts on postage when mailers do some of the work for the USPS (such as sorting or transportation) and mail in large quantities (usually 150 pieces or more). We would like to share our experience as first-time business mailers, from start to finish. Our goal was to send out a mailing using about 6,000 of our Four-of-a-Kind Post Cards, hoping to maximize the postage dollars in our marketing budget. Honestly, learning this process was a challenge to get started, but became much easier as we progressed.

Supplies needed:
*4 up postcard stock of your choice (
*Microsoft Publisher software (
*Dazzle Express software (
*Endicia account (
*supplies from the USPS (itemized later)
*bulk mail permit (locate and contact Business Mail Entry unit at your local post office)
*the easiest reference we’ve found is “An Introduction to Mailing for Businesses and Organizations” at:


New “Find your paper” tool

by Raki Wright | Last Updated July 20, 2007

In our last post, we told you about ways to find out more information about your printer. For more help, use the “Find Your Paper” tool at

How do I know which papers will work in my printer?

by Raki Wright | Last Updated July 13, 2007

Printer manufacturers generally offer both User’s guides and specification sheets. The User’s Guide will explain how to use the printer in a detailed manner. The specification sheet will list features such as memory capacity, print speed, paper tray capacity, paper types supported, tray use, print quality, and other printing characteristics. If you cannot find the User’s Guide that was supplied with your printer, use your favorite search engine to find your printer manufacturer’s website. Then, look for a product support link. Type in your printer’s model number and you will likely find a User’s Guide in .pdf format. If this is unsuccessful, type the printer’s make and model into the search engine to search for a guide posted elsewhere. You may also find information about successes and problems that other users have had with a particular printer.

There are also many websites, discussion boards, and blogs which feature printer reviews, feedback, and tips. A few great resources include,, and . Once you are equipped with knowledge about your printer and its particulars, you can begin to use your printer to its fullest capabilities. If you have any problems, consult the troubleshooting section in the User’s Guide or on the manufacturer’s website. Happy printing!

Need help in getting started on that direct mail campaign?

by Raki Wright | Last Updated May 31, 2007

Here are a few articles that will give you an excellent start in designing, editing, and sending your next direct mail piece.

Save money in spite of the postal rate increase

by Raki Wright | Last Updated May 16, 2007

Here’s a great article on ways that will save you money when designing a direct mail campaign.

Postal rates increase today!

by Raki Wright | Last Updated May 14, 2007

Better stock up on those 2 cent stamps.

Create-N-Hang Door Hangers (TM)

by Raki Wright | Last Updated May 9, 2007

ROANOKE, VIRGINIA–May 9, 2007– Burris Computer Forms announces Create-n-Hang Door Hangers (TM), a new line of blank, printable door hangers that can be printed in-house on users’ own PCs, using laser or inkjet printers, or copiers. Free door hanger templates for Microsoft (R) Word and Publisher are available through Microsoft (R) Office Marketplace and at (“Downloads”).

The door hangers are available on printable 8 1/2 x 11 sheets perforated two-per-page and three-per-page. The three-per-page is landscape orientation and each door hanger measures 3 2/3″ X 8 1/2″. The two-per-page is portrait orientation and each door hanger measures 4 1/4″ X 11″. The door hangers are made from cardstock paper for extra thickness and are micro-perforated for easy separation. The unique Burris ‘X’ doorknob hanger design helps hold the door hanger securely to the doorknob, even in windy conditions.

The advantages of printing door hangers in-house include fast turnaround, low cost, control of the project and ability to print a few, or thousands, quickly and cost-effectively.

Companies and individuals use Burris blank door hangers as an easy, convenient, cost-effective way to deliver a message. Lawn care, auto repair, roofing & construction, real estate, auction, and marketing companies use them to advertise their services.

Churches and other non-profit organizations use them to announce services, meetings, and events. Auction, property management, utility companies, and municipalities use them for notices of important pending events.

The two-per-page door hangers are available in white. The three-per-page door hangers are available in white, seven colored door hangers (Baby Blue, Key Lime, Rose Wine, Wild Canary, Classy Cream, Cool Gray, and Sockeye Salmon) and five Bright colored door hangers (Popping Pink, Sun Shine, Sonic Green, Tangerine, and Goldenrod).

To learn more about the line of door hangers, request samples, or download templates, log on to

For more information contact us at (800) 982-FORM (3676) or

Tax forms must be postmarked by today!

by Raki Wright | Last Updated April 17, 2007

Get to the post office to postmark those tax forms by midnight.

April 17 tax deadline near

by Raki Wright | Last Updated April 6, 2007

Taxpayers have until April 17, 2007 to have their 2006 tax returns and payments postmarked in order to meet the IRS deadline. For more information: