QuickBooks and W2’s…the saga continues!

by John | Last Updated February 26, 2020

For those of you who have been following our blog over the past week, you have read about the problems QuickBooks users are having in regard to the printing alignment of preprinted W2 forms.

A few days ago, Intuit let their users know that the problem was fixed. However, several users posted on the Intuit community forums to express that they were still having issues. The users range across several versions and editions of QuickBooks as you can see at this link.

If you go to the Intuit’s support site, you will see a new alert at the top of the screen:

IMPORTANT ALERT: Some customers are experiencing alignment issues when printing W-2s and W-3s on pre-printed forms.  We are actively working on the issue and anticipate a resolution by Friday, 1/16.  Please visit our support site article here and sign up to be notified when this issue has been resolved.  Thank you for your patience.

They have a new support article located here that you can subscribe to get updates on when the issue will be fixed.

Source: Intuit

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