Promoting Your Fall Festivities

by June | Last Updated September 30, 2016

It’s that time of year again: crisp cool autumn days, hot apple cider and spiced pumpkin lattes! It’s also time to start thinking about advertising your upcoming autumn activities, fall festivals and trunk-or-treat events.

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Local health department, Martinsville police tackle Zika

by Outside Source | Last Updated August 15, 2016


Excerpt from
By Paul Collins

The door hangers educate the public about how to control mosquito breeding sites and how to protect themselves from being bitten by mosquitoes by tipping and tossing water from containers found on their property, wearing protective clothing and using insect repellent, Hershey said. Read More…

Print Your Own: Improve HOA Communication

by Amy | Last Updated August 9, 2016

Good communication can be challenging with a homeowners association. Blank printable doorknob hangers can help with customization for different messages, and even different languages. Being able to personalize so well with their communication can help to bring community members and board members closer together.

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Hang 6! – Burris announces new style of hangers

by John | Last Updated July 21, 2015

We have a new press release announcing our newest product – the Hang 6! hanger that can be used for bottleneckers, visitor’s passes and a lot more! Read More…

What can door tags or printable door hangers do for you?

by Andrew | Last Updated June 10, 2013

We’re moving straight into the summer and beautiful weather so that also means printable door hangers! There is no better way to directly advertise to a prospect than a brightly colored door hanger, where they are guaranteed to see it, on their front door.

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How to Print Your Own Valet Parking Tags

by Chelsea Camper | Last Updated December 12, 2012

Hospitals, country clubs, hotels, and many other businesses use valet parking tags. These help their guests get in and out without having to worry about parking. Some businesses offer valeting as a complementary service, while others offer the service day in and day out. When thinking about how many vehicles go through these types of businesses on a daily basis, one may realize how high the expense of buying pre-printed valet tickets might cost.

On average, the cost about $0.11 or $0.12 per valet parking permit when bought pre-printed. When you buy blank, printable valet parking tickets and print your own tags, you’ll only be paying about $0.08 per valet parking tag after printing.

In this example we’ll be using the fictitious business Bob’s Awesome Hotel. They offer complimentary valet parking for guests staying for a full week or more. Valet parking for all other guests is offered for $10/night. Read More…

How To Create Your Own Parking Permit Hang Tags with Door Hangers

by Chelsea Camper | Last Updated October 2, 2012

Getting pre-printed parking permits can get expensive and your messages can go stale. Buying blank tags you can print on can reduce your costs as well as help prevent your messages from going stale.

In this example we’re going to use Bob’s Awesome University (from the EDDM target audience post) to show how creating and printing your own parking permits can benefit you. Read More…

What Does it Mean to Be A Print Your Own Master?

by Chelsea Camper | Last Updated September 20, 2012

If you have read a few blogs here on the DIY Printing Tips blog, you may have seen us use the term “Print Your Own Master.” While this sounds awesome, what does it mean?

It means you understand how to print your own and you do it well. You may not get it perfect the first time every time, but you know your way around the printer and can get the results you want from it. But that’s not all.

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Create Your Own Bottle Neckers Using Door Hangers.

by Chelsea Camper | Last Updated September 12, 2012

You can design and print your own bottle neckers for wine bottles. By creating and printing your own you can not only stand out in the crowd but you can also save some money by printing your own.

Printing your own is easy and affordable. By buying door hangers in bulk you can get each door hanger for just a few pennies. If you’re just getting started printing your own, check out our Free Getting Started Guide for great information and tips on printing your own.

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Create Your Own Parking Permits with Door Hangers

by Chelsea Camper | Last Updated September 10, 2012

Parking permits are a necessity when parking is limited or controlled for places such as schools, military bases, city businesses, and festivals. Buying pre-printed permits can be costly, especially if you need to change your verbiage or design on a regular basis (new school year, different festival, etc.).

Buying blank door hangers in bulk and printing your own can significantly lower your permit costs. Here are some advantages of printing your own door hangers in bulk. Read More…