Print Your Own: Improve HOA Communication

by Amy | Last Updated August 9, 2016

Good communication can be challenging with a homeowners association. Blank printable doorknob hangers can help with customization for different messages, and even different languages. Being able to personalize so well with their communication can help to bring community members and board members closer together.

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PrinTable Tent Card

Burris Computer Forms® announces the addition of PrinTable ™ Place Cards and Tent Cards to its product line. PrinTable ™ Cards allow for customization and printing of each card by the user. Read More…

Your Vision. Your Design. Your Bulletin.

by Amy | Last Updated May 17, 2016

Throughout the country, many religious organizations rely on outside vendors to print their bulletins. Doing so is attractive in some ways; however, many churches and religious organizations believe it is more effective to print their own bulletins. For example, Community Fellowship Baptist Church of Huntsville, Alabama has now turned to a simpler and more cost-effective solution: printing their own bulletins completely in-house. Read More…

Image Credits: Jerry Guzi.

Burris Computer Forms® announces the addition of thermal labels to its product line, increasing the diversity of its labeling products. The thermal roll labels have a 3” core, and are available in several sizes and configurations, including fanfold and roll labels for its customers.

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Hang 6! – Burris announces new style of hangers

by John | Last Updated July 21, 2015

We have a new press release announcing our newest product – the Hang 6! hanger that can be used for bottleneckers, visitor’s passes and a lot more! Read More…

QuickBooks W2 Alignment Fix…Take Two!

by John | Last Updated January 16, 2015

This morning, we received an email from Intuit stating that a new QuickBooks payroll update has been released. This update addresses, among other things, the W2 and W3 printing alignment issue. The email text is below:

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QuickBooks and W2’s…the saga continues!

by John | Last Updated January 14, 2015

For those of you who have been following our blog over the past week, you have read about the problems QuickBooks users are having in regard to the printing alignment of preprinted W2 forms.

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QuickBooks W2 Printing Issue Fixed

by John | Last Updated January 12, 2015

The issue with W2 and W3 printing alignment in QuickBooks covered in last week’s article has been resolved.

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W2 Printing Issue in QuickBooks

by John | Last Updated January 7, 2015

When printing W2’s in QuickBooks, users have been noticing they can’t line them up to print out correctly on pre-printed forms. Intuit has confirmed that there is an issue and they are working toward a solution.

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Peel Out! Shipping Label Sheets Overview [Infographic]

by John | Last Updated July 7, 2014
Here is a quick look at one of our most popular product lines: Peel Out! Shipping Label Sheets?
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